$220 portrait, detailed, with background (example, example)

$430 waist-up, detailed, with background (example, example)


Inquiry. Please email me with a general description of what you want painted (number of characters, full body/waist up/portrait, complex/simple background, etc.). Once I gained sufficient understanding of your idea, I will send you an invoice for the full sum and a contract to sign (only for waist-ups and commercial portraits).

Sketch. I will draw 2-4 rough black and white sketches and send them to you for approval. All changes and adjustments to the composition, poses, facial expressions, etc. must be made during this stage of the process.

Colors. I will color the accepted sketch and send it to you for a second approval. All changes and adjustments to the color scheme, mood, atmosphere, etc. must be made during this stage of the process. Please note that I may adjust the color scheme as the painting progress -- I will always alert you and send you a WIP for approval if that happens.

Painting. Once the sketch and the colors have been approved, I will begin rendering the illustration. I will send you weekly updates to keep you informed on the progress. Please note that changes to the composition and color scheme are impossible at this stage.


You have 3 opportunities to request changes. Any additional revisions after this will incur additional fees (10% of the total sum for every round of revisions). Please don't request changes that contradict your previous descriptions (i.e. you changed your mind).


All payments must be sent via PayPal. If your commission has been accepted, I will send you an invoice for the full sum. The invoice must be paid upfront.


  • You may cancel your commission at any time and for any reason. Please note that should you cancel your commission during the painting stage, I will keep 50% of the sum as a kill fee.


    • Please note that I retain all rights to the commissioned art, including the right to print and sell it.

    • You may use the picture for personal use only. You may not use any part of the image for commercial purposes. Please remember that any activity that promotes or generates revenue is considered commercial activity.

    • If you wish to gain commercial rights to a commissioned piece, you must pay the commercial fee (30% of the total sum).